Meet Our Kids

Meet Liam

At the young age of seven, Liam received a diagnosis of Burkitt’s Lymphoma, an uncommon and highly aggressive form of cancer. His medical journey began with a biopsy, which revealed that the cancer had progressed to Stage 3, with five tumours present in his abdomen.

Recovering proved to be a challenging path for Liam. He faced kidney failure, requiring a period of time in the intensive care unit. Additionally, he endured a distressing five weeks without food when his bowels became obstructed, ultimately necessitating surgery.

During his battle with cancer, Liam lost six precious months of his childhood, as the hospital became his new dwelling. Unable to attend school and too ill to engage in any educational activities, he missed out on vital opportunities for learning and personal development.

Now, cancer-free Liam is ready to resume the sense of normalcy that he and his family cherished prior to his diagnosis. One essential aspect of this return to normalcy is ensuring Liam gets back on track with his academic journey.

Fortunately, Liam is part of the incredible Back on Track program, facilitated by the Child Cancer Research Foundation. Through this program, Liam and his family have access to an amazing online educator who appears on his screen each week to help him with his schooling.

Back on Track addresses a notable gap in Western Australia’s support system for children undergoing cancer treatment, providing them with the opportunity to make up for lost education. A childhood cancer diagnosis not only affects the diagnosed child but also has a profound impact on the entire family. Consequently, Liam’s regular tutoring sessions not only benefit him but also offer much-needed support to his siblings, Kody and Kaylee. It acknowledges that they have also experienced a significant educational setback and deserve assistance to bridge the gap.

Thanks to Back on Track, Liam doesn’t have to miss out on education even when he’s unable to attend school. The program has become an integral part of his life, allowing him to continue his learning journey from the comfort of his home. Liam looks forward to his tutoring sessions every week, as they not only help him bridge the educational gap but also bring a sense of normalcy and routine back to his life.

Liam and his family are immensely grateful to Back on Track and the Child Cancer Research Foundation for their unwavering support both during and post his cancer treatment. The program has played a vital role in helping Liam and his siblings regain their academic footing and providing them with the educational opportunities they missed out on due to cancer.