About Us

What We Do

Promoting Continuity of Education Promoting Continuity of Education Empowering kids & teens to chase their dreams, during and post treatment.
Supporting Families Supporting Families for the entire treatment journey and beyond. Making the relationship with parents, teachers, and education services more focused on the child’s needs.
Specialist Educators Specialist Educators Assigned to each participant, providing educational advocacy in a variety of formats, catered to their needs, be it tutoring, initial classroom support or more. We advocate for their educational needs, wherever and whatever they may be.

Regardless of where they live, the Back on Track WA program provides the following services to children who have been diagnosed with and treated for cancer, and their siblings:

  • educational advocacy support during treatment if required;
  • communication with the enrolling school and SSEN:MMH;
  • mentoring, tutoring, social and emotional learning;
  • in partnership with online education providers, such as 3P Learning and IG3 Education solutions, curriculum support for students in K-10;
  • support for teachers/class members when the child is ready to return to school.
  • support for siblings and parents;
  • work with other childhood cancer agencies to create long-term solutions to any educational need for a Back on Track student tailoring individual support.