“Little People, Big Dreams” Podcast Returns with Inspiring New Season

Back on Track, together with Lotterywest, are proud to announce the upcoming launch of the second season of the ground-breaking podcast series, “Little People, Big C.” Titled “Little People, Big Dreams.” Season two promises to leave listeners inspired, hopeful, and in awe of the incredible fortitude displayed by young cancer survivors and their families. This unique Australian initiative offers a rare and intimate glimpse into the lives of Western Australian families as they navigate the challenges of childhood cancer.

“Little People, Big C” is an unscripted podcast that highlights the resilience, determination, and unwavering hope that defines these young fighters and their support networks. Season two shifts its focus to the dreams and aspirations of childhood cancer survivors, sharing powerful stories from children as young as five. Listeners will be moved as these brave young souls look forward to bright futures, aspiring to become everything from astrophysicists to veterinarians. The sky’s the limit for these young dreamers.

The podcast also features insights from experts like Curtin University psychology researcher Jenny Davies, who sheds light on the challenges faced by parents of children with cancer, using the story of her own daughter. Program Manager Louise Shedden, takes listeners on an inspiring journey, showcasing the incredible kids in the Back on Track program.

Sitting with Cassie and talking future careers for my Back on Track kids was amazing. Back on Track means so much, in so many different ways, to different families. These podcasts give other families an insight into a future for their kids, and that cancer doesn’t take it all away, that there are ways to help your child after diagnosis day,” says Louise Shedden.

Award-winning TV journalist and producer Cassie Silver returns to helm this empowering 10-part series. With over 15 years of experience, Silver’s compassionate storytelling brings to life the emotional and courageous journeys of childhood cancer survivors, their families, and the experts who support them. “I’ve interviewed a lot of people across 15 years as a journalist, but nothing prepared me to witness the strength of some of Australia’s youngest fighters,” says Cassie Silver.

One memorable guest, Tremane Baxter-Edwards, a 17-year-old who has overcome incredible adversity, shares his powerful story. Diagnosed with abdominal Burkitt Lymphoma at just three years old, Tremane’s journey from treatment at PMH to his current role as an advocate is nothing short of inspiring. Tremane’s resilience, passion, and dedication to making a difference shine through, in his first public sharing of his cancer story on the podcast.

“Parents often feel lost in the battle against cancer, but our podcast, ‘Little People, Big Dreams,’ offers hope through stories of survival and educational triumphs from the Back on Track program, showing how dreams can be reignited, and lives transformed,” says Kylie Dalton, Chief Operating Officer.

“Little People, Big C” aims to keep child cancer funding at the forefront while offering hope and comfort to Australian cancer families and educating those outside the cancer community. The second season of “Little People, Big C” is set to empower and inspire listeners with each episode, celebrating the triumphs and dreams of young survivors and offering a beacon of hope to families facing similar battles.

Season two is set to launch Wednesday 3 July 2024