Education support for kids with cancer

A Child Cancer Research Foundation Initiative

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When a child survives cancer, their hopes and dreams deserve to survive too.

About Back on Track

What is
Back on Track?

A first of its kind in WA, the Back on Track program ensures children who go through cancer treatment, and their siblings, do not fall through the cracks with their education due to the enormous strain treatment can have on the entire family.

How does it work?

How does it work?
Referrals Referrals Students can be referred to the Back on Track Program at the point of diagnosis or beyond.
Who can refer Who Can Refer? They can be referred by the Oncology Team, their teacher or school, medical professionals and parents.
Consent Consent After receiving a referral, our advocates will contact parents to set an appointment to explain the Back on Track program to everyone in the family.
School Engagement School Engagement Once consent has been given, the Back on Track advocates will contact the student’s school to explain how the program works for both the school and the family and encourage the school’s participation.
Transitioning Back on Track Transitioning Back on Track When the student is ready to return to their regular school routine, the Back on Track advocate will work with all stakeholders to ensure the transition back to school is easy and comfortable.

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Support education for kids with cancer

Funding an Education Advocacy program that supports children back in their classrooms will ensure that no Australian child is left behind.

Just because they have been diagnosed with cancer should not mean they have to stop living life. That includes learning. It’s vital to a child’s mental health to live like life has a future, and there is no better future for all involved than continuing to support education.


We are always there for our students!

Liam & Amy

When I first heard about Back on Track, I was so excited to be a part of this great program. Our son only attended 1 term of school in 2022 and while he was in hospital for such a long time, he was often too sick for any schoolwork. I knew we had so much catching-up to do as year 2 for Liam, was pretty much a write off.

Back on Track has allowed him to revisit all the work he missed out on and Louise, his Education Advocate, has made learning so much fun that he can’t wait for every session with her. Back on Track also supports Liam’s siblings, which is incredible as they missed a lot of school due to their brother’s diagnosis. We are so thankful to the BOT Team as they are truly amazing teachers for our kids.

Amy (Liam's Mum)
Kerrin & Marley

This is the best Marley has been at school, ever. I really want to thank you and Back on Track. He’s always loved school, but this is completely different.

Kerrin Hampson (Marley’s Mum)
Tegan Connolly & Logan

I can’t thank the Back on Track program enough for the tremendous support and guidance they are giving Logan. For him to be given the opportunity to access this program to thrive and flourish through high school and give him the tools he needs to build on his resilience and self-esteem with external programs, means more to me than I can ever put into words.

Tegan Connolly (Logan’s Mum)