New podcast series offers hope to young cancer families

They’re the stories of courage and strength as told by WA families, as they look back on their battle with childhood cancer and into the future. New Australian podcast Little People, Big C is set to leave listeners with hope, inspiration and in awe of guest’s fortitude, regardless of their connection to childhood cancer. The Child Cancer Research Foundation together with Lotterywest, is proud to announce the one-of-a-kind unscripted podcast series that offers listeners a glimpse into the world of childhood cancer with the mission to keep research funding at the forefront.  

“This is a first for a charity in Australia, and certainly in WA, to see the benefits of storytelling using podcasts” says Chief Operating Officer, Kylie Dalton.  

At the helm of the empowering and informative 10-part series, is award-winning TV journalist and producer, Cassie Silver, who takes listeners on the emotional and courageous journey that comes with childhood cancer. Sitting down with families, survivors, scientists, and clinicians; the series offers hope and comfort to Australian cancer families, whilst educating those completely removed from the cancer world.  

“The series shines a light on a dark topic, by offering comfort to those in the fight but also educates the rest of us on the importance of research”, says Cassie Silver.  

“I had no idea how much research and work is being done in the labs of little old Perth to create better outcomes for children with cancer; and for me personally, this series impacted me emotionally as a mother of two and was an extremely rewarding project to take on.”

Delving into the labs of the Telethon Kids Institute, the show offers a palatable insight into the research world, filled with statistics and science as well as personal experience, loss, and laughter. The Child Cancer Research Foundation has been supporting the childhood cancer community in WA for 42 years, funding the ground-breaking research that has been instrumental in improving outcomes for children with cancer. In the show, childhood cancer warriors reflect on their journey following treatment and the impact it’s had on their lives as adults. There are parents who have come out the other side, and others who continue the cancer conversation and leave a legacy for their children no longer with us.  

Perth mum Amy Devantier found sharing her son’s cancer journey a cathartic process and a way to contribute to the childhood cancer world, with a mission to drive more donations into research to provide better outcomes for kids.  

“If we can help even one family get an earlier diagnosis or help future funding for child cancer research, then I would be a happy lady,” says Amy.

The 10-part podcast series, Little People, Big C is free and available for listeners on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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